Scania 70 vuotta Suomessa

Frank Albers, Krone perävaunujen markkinointipäällikkö vastuualueinaan Saksan ja Itävallan myynti, siirtyy Kronen koti- ja ulkomaanmyynnin johtajaksi 1. elokuuta 2018. Kronen kansainvälinen tiedote asiasta ohessa.

Dr Frank Albers takes over as Managing Director of National/Internationals Sales and Marketing at the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group meanwhile Ingo Geerdes remains Managing Director of Key Accounts, Krone Fleet and Krone Used. Gero Schulze Isfort, who joined the company in 2005, leaves his role as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing with the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group and will, at his own request, commit himself to the ‘Last Mile Logistics’ and ‘Digitisation’ projects of the future, acting as Managing Director of a Bernard Krone equity investment company. In this capacity he will also be shareholder of a Krone equity investment company, the RYTLE GmbH headquartered in Bremen; at the same time, he will continue to represent the company on various associations and committees.

Dr Frank Albers (47) has held leading sales and marketing positions at the Krone commercial vehicle division. Before studying Business Administration, he trained as an industrial business manager at the commercial vehicle division. After graduating from university and earning his doctorate, he served in various capacities before he returned to the Krone commercial vehicle division in 2003 where he started out as Head of the Central and Eastern European Sales division. In 2006 he was appointed Head of Marketing in addition to heading the German sales team. Since 2017 he has also been in charge of the Austrian sales department.