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All new vehicles sold in the EU will feature a standardised interface to enable the fitment of aftermarket alcohol interlock devices, according to new EU vehicle safety standards proposed last month.

Spain: bus alcohol interlock plan proposed as data show drink-driving checks down by a third
The committee on sustainable mobility of the Spanish parliament has proposed legal changes to require the installation of alcohol interlocks in all passenger vehicles with more than nine seats. 

Ireland: drink-driving law changes face filibuster
Stricter limits on drink-driving are being blocked in the Irish parliament by a small group of MPs opposed to the changes.

Alcohol interlocks now mandatory in Belgium for high-level and repeat offenders
Judges in Belgium will have to oblige high level or repeat drink-driving offenders to follow an alcohol interlock rehabilitation programme after new legal changes come into force on 1 July 2018. 

Improving road death data collection in the EU
A new report from ETSC looks at the state of the art of road death data collection across the EU. The authors include recommendations for improving the accuracy and scope of the data in order to better target road safety policy measures in the coming years. 

Lithuania: plans to introduce an alcohol interlock programme
The Lithuanian ministry of transport has announced plans to introduce a national alcohol interlock programme to tackle repeat drink-driving offences.

UK: PACTS fund will help develop more efficient roadside breath testing for UK police
The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has been awarded a grant by the UK transport minister to run a competition to encourage the development of mobile evidential breath testing instruments for use by UK police.